Before Unhooking From Tow Vehicle:

1.Level trailer side to side. Use blocks under tires if one side needs to be raised.

2.Use wheel chocks to keep trailer from rolling. Chock the front and back of the tires on one side.

3.Unhook Trailer.


Exterior Set Up:

4.Level trailer front to back.

5.Crank down stabilizing jacks. Use the remaining blocks or boards under the jacks foot to avoid sinking into the ground.

6.Unfold the entry door steps.

7.Hook up the electricity. Cord either pulls out of trailer or is detached in a


              a.If cord pulls out, pull out enough of the cord to reach the power outlet.

              b.If cord is in compartment, line up the holes on the cord to the trailer then plug into the outlet.

              c.NEVER HOOK TO 220V

8.If site has a sewer hookup attach the sewer hose to the trailer and then to the sewer system.

  if not go to #9

              a.Open the grey tank valve and leave it open.

              b.Leave  the black/sewage tank closed. Dump the tank only after it fills to

2/3 or else the tank backs up as only liquids will drain away.

9.If site has water hook ups hook up the water. Otherwise fill water tank before

  setting up trailer.

              a.To hook up the water put the water regulator on hydrant then the hose(s).

              b.Hook other end of the hose to the City Water Fill.



10.If it is a manual pop black tabs located ½ way up the awning arm on both arms

    otherwise skip to step 18.

11.Set flip bar on the front end of the awning to roll down.

12.Use the awning rod to grab the black strap and pull the awning out.

13.Loosen the black star screws on the inner arms.

14.Take the inner arms and hook to the top of the outer arms. Tighten the black star screws.

15.Use handles to raise the awning and arms up.

              a.Make sure the awning is high enough to have the door open underneath it.

              b.Leave one arm lower than other to allow water to run off.

              c.Make sure the pin in the handle is all the way through the hole in arms. If not the awning can fall and cause harm.

16.We recommend the awning be rolled up at night, if storms are forecasted, or if

     leaving the trailer for more than 15 minutes.

17.To put awning away do everything in reverse.

18.If it is a power awning, use the button inside marked awning and roll the awning out until the manufacturer's label on the awning tube shows.


Interior Set Up:

19.If trailer has a slide out locate the slide out switch and push the button towards out until you here clutch slip.

20.Turn the fridge on if it was not started before travel. Set switch to auto position if not set to auto already.

21.Locate the water heater switch and turn on the water heater.

              a.Switch is usually in the bathroom or by the kitchen sink or by the monitor panel.

              b.The reset light will come on when the switch is first turned on. The water heater will attempt to light three times.

              c.If the water heater doesn’t light turn it off and turn it back on to reset it.

              d.If the water heater still doesn’t light after reset check to make sure

the propane tanks are on.

22.If the A/C has a thermostat turn on the A/C to cool and set to where you want.

23.If it does not have a thermostat use the controls on the A/C on the ceiling.

24.If you are using water from the water tank turn on the water pump. Switch is on the monitor panel.

25.If using city water ignore #24.



26.Use only RV/Marine toilet paper

27.After flushing the toilet paper down send another bowl of water down the drain to push the toliet paper into the tank.


Tearing Down:

28.Do everything above in the reverse order.


Draining Tanks (if not hooked to a sewer system):

29.At the dump station hook the hose to the trailer and place one end in the dump station.

30.Pull the sewage/black water handle first.

31.When the tank is empty pull the grey tank valve.


Drop off:

32.If trailer was dropped off after hours, check trailer for anything that may have

    shifted on the return trip.

33.Turn off the fridge and crack open the fridge and freezer doors.

34.Turn off the gas tanks.

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